Stonehenge is a remarkable monument from our past as far as the astronomical associations with it are concerned. It proves that our ancestors knew a great deal more about the behaviour of heavenly bodies than we realised, before our attention was brought to the subject with Hawkins' book "Stonehenge Decoded".

Stonehenge was by far the most elaborate megalithic monument in its area, as the estimated number of man-hours it took to build suggests: 2,675,000. It took 2,768,000 man-hours to construct all the other megalithic monuments in a 100 Km2 region around Stonehenge. Clearly, Stonehenge stands above all other such monuments as the most fascinating and awe-inspiring relic of the past in Great Britain.

Stonehenge, looking due East (28 KB)

Stonehenge has always been a source of wonder at the engineering abilities of Stone Age (Neolithic) peoples. However, the fact that these people managed to erect such massive stones to create such a structure is only half the story. They also had a great wealth of knowledge on predicting the motions of heavenly bodies. Stonehenge provides direct evidence of this, as this section of the Tiverton Astronomy Society site illustrates.


The Stone Circle
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