Tiverton Young Astronomers

Despite great success and popularity in the first couple of years, TYA meetings will not be running for the forseeable future due to dwindling numbers in its last year, 2003/04. Although saddened by its disappearance from our schedule, we will of course periodically consider running the group again.

TYA Meetings Archive

2003 - 2004

Date Subject
3rd November A Glance at the Moon
17th November The Sun's Life Story
1st December Where Might Aliens Live?
26th January Shooting Stars and Comets
9th February Colourful Clouds
23rd February Amazing Galaxies


2002 - 2003

Date Subject
Monday 23rd September Where are we?
Monday 28th October Planets and Stars
Monday 25th November The Sun
Monday 20th January Clouds in Space
Monday 24th February Star Clusters
Monday 24th March Space and Time


2001 - 2002

Date Subject
Monday 24th September What's on the Moon?
Monday 29th October Extra-Terrestrials and the Sun
Monday 26th November Planets, Old and New
Monday 21st January Stars - are they all the same?
Monday 18th February Clouds in Space
Monday 18th March Amazing Galaxies