Meetings and Events, 2017-18

Tiverton and Mid Devon A. S. events are held in the main hall at Blundell's Prep School at 7:30pm, usually on the first school-term Friday of the month. No previous knowledge of astronomy is necessary, so if you are at all interested you are very welcome to come along. Many of us are regular attenders at our informal meetings, but a warm welcome is always given to new faces.

For directions, please find us on Google Maps: visit and type in the school's postcode, EX16 4NA. The school is on the south side of Blundell's Road. The school's full address is: Blundell's Preparatory School, Blundell's Road, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 4NA.

Members and visiting guests at the October 2006 open evening

Date Subject / Speaker
Friday 11th August Annual Starbecue
This ever popular event is open to members only and will be held in Paul’s lovely barn from 7:00pm, at 12 Park Hill, Tiverton, EX16 6RW. Please bring food and drink.
Friday 8th September On-Orbit Manufacturing
Torbay businessman Richard Arundal will discuss the research arm of Arundal Aeronautics Ltd, focusing on the field of on-orbit manufacturing. An orbiting facility that manufactures large spacecraft subsystems (such as antennas) which could revolutionise the way space is used and enable new space mission concepts. The purpose of this research is to design a mission concept that will utilise high-power lasers in space to use as manufacturing tools.
Friday 6th October Dark Galaxies
Current theories of galaxy formation predict many more galaxies than have currently been found. Could it be that the galaxies are there, but they remain dark? Dark in the sense that they only contain 'dark matter' or maybe just gas or possibly become stars, but so few that they are very difficult to detect against the brightness of the night sky. Jonathan Davies will discuss these issues and describe some of the work he is doing at Cardiff University to reveal the Dark Universe!
Friday 10th November Lunar Mission One - Space for Everyone
Paul Bennett
's Lunar Mission One has been in the planning for 7 years. An exploratory robotic mission that will use innovative drilling technology to deliver extraordinary new insights into the origins of the Moon and the Earth. It will also be fully international with many countries working together and enabling people from all walks of life to be involved.
Friday 1st December History of Women in Astronomy
Society member John Parratt gives a fascinating insight into some amazing women who have made outstanding and significant contributions to astronomy, dating back as far as the 5th Century.
Friday 5th January A Life on Mars
Bud Martin Budzynski will begin with a little bit of history regarding the Red Planet, then examine the engineering challenges of travelling to it and the problems for humans to get there... and back!
Friday 2nd February Saturn - Lord of the Rings
Chris Starr will show what we have learned throughout history about Saturn, and what an amazingly diverse system it has proved to be with information from the highly successful Voyager and Cassini missions.
Friday 2nd March Ten Ways the Universe Tries to Kill You!
From gamma-ray bursts to asteroid impacts, Stephen Tonkin will give an overview of cataclysmic events. This light-hearted but scientifically robust approach incorporates a lot of fundamental cosmological processes, from stellar evolution to galactic interaction.
Friday 6th April TAMDAS Annual Dinner
The society's annual dinner will be held at the beautiful Fisherman's Cot, Bickleigh, Tiverton, EX16 8RW. Further details and menu choices will be provided nearer the date.
Friday 4th May Into the Darkness But Shining a Light
After a brief AGM, renowned astronomer Paul Money will take a look at the amazing discoveries the New Horizons mission has made at Pluto.
Friday 8th June Exoplanets - Discovering Other Worlds
Ever since astronomers started observing the night sky, they have dreamt of finding a 'second Earth'. In the last 20 years, we have identified over 3000 planets outside of our Solar System, many of which lie in the 'Goldilocks Zone'. Mark Woodland will look at how these planets have been discovered, the background science, some of their weird and wonderful characteristics, and look at the future of exoplanet science.

Sir Allan Chapman has visited us twice, speaking insightfully on history-based topics     Some of our regular members at a recent meeting


Telescopes & Observing Sessions

As we are unable to predict the weather, our observing sessions will run on an ad hoc basis. If you would like to be informed when and where these sessions are due to take place, please join our Alert List at or view our Tiverton and Mid Devon Astronomy Society Facebook page. Notice will be 48 hours or less.

At the observing sessions we will use the Society’s telescopes to see the Moon, planets, galaxies and nebulae - you can also bring and use your own telescope.

These sessions are open to members and non-members of all ages and are free of charge. Please wear warm clothes and sturdy footwear.

For directions to the telescope, see the map.

Neil and Angela prepare for an evening of observing     The Dobsonian in use

Colin using his own Meade LX-90     Our TAL-100R and Meade LX-90 telescopes directed low to the horizon


Meetings Archive

2016 - 2017 Season

Date Subject / Speaker
Friday 12th August Annual Starbecue
This ever popular event is open to members only and will be held in Paul’s lovely barn at 12 Park Hill, EX16 6RW. Please bring food and drink.
Friday 2nd September Direct Imaging of Exoplanets
Elisabeth Matthews will demonstrate how she is attempting a different method to directly image exoplanets and will explain why it is important and what she is hoping to find.
Friday 16th September Workshop - Astrophotography
Astrophotographers John Parratt and Pete Richardson will give practical advice and guidance on how to take images of the night sky and process them. Please contact Angela on 01884 243186 for more info or to book yourself a place on this FREE workshop. [See Pete Richardson's presentation/slideshow (PDF).]
Friday 7th October Images of the Universe, Part 2
The Society welcomes back the very witty and entertaining astronomer Paul Money to talk us through some more images which have inspired him to do what he does best!
Friday 21st October TAMDAS Annual Dinner
This year’s annual dinner will be held at the Hickory Inn at Halberton EX16 7AG. Further details and menu choices will be available nearer the date.
Friday 4th November Gravitational Waves
Hugh Allen will use some of his telescopic observations to illuminate the impact of binary stars on the history of science and astronomy. The story will naturally lead to binary black holes and gravitational waves.
Friday 18th November Workshop - How to Use Your Telescope
Do you own a telescope that you can’t get to grips with but want to use on those starry nights? Members will be on hand to show you how to get the most from your scope. Please contact Angela on 01884 243 186 to book yourself a place on this FREE workshop.
Friday 2nd December A Cornucopia of Astro Images
Highly renowned astronomer David Strange has been imaging the night sky for the past 50 years and will show a selection of the most intriguing objects he has captured during his life time of observing.
Friday 6th January Gaia: The Billion Star Surveyor
Paul Roche will tell how the ESA Gaia space mission is set to revolutionise our understanding of the Milky Way Galaxy and will map around 1 billion stars over the next 6 years - and also spot many other transient targets that need to be followed-up from the ground. Through the Faulkes Telescope Project, UK schools and amateurs will be able to participate in the ground-based follow-up programme, helping discover new supernovae, novae and other exotic objects.
Friday 3rd February Diary of a Space Ambassador
Society Member Jo Richardson will share with you a day in the life of a Space Ambassador. She runs her business Space Detectives and works with the European Space Education Office and National STEM Centre and is busy delivering the Tim Peake Primary Project. Learn what it means to inspire the next generation using the context of space.
Wednesday 22nd February Visit to the Norman Lockyer Observatory
Founded by Sir Norman Lockyer in 1912 the observatory was a centre for astrophysical and geophysical research until the 1980’s. Today the observatory is managed by unpaid volunteers to support science education. Further details for this society visit will be given nearer the time.
Friday 3rd March The Birth of the Solar System
James Fradgley shares his not-so-technical view on how different sorts of planets and other bodies came to be where they are.
Friday 5th May The Story of Jodrell Bank
After a brief AGM, enjoy the fascinating story of this world famous telescope as told by Gresham College Professor of Astronomy Ian Morison. Hear how the 60-year-old Lowell Telescope is better now than it has ever been and through its role in the MERLIN and European telescope arrays continues to play a leading role in astronomy.
Friday 2nd June Dust: It Gets Everywhere!
Dust is all around us, both on a planetary and galactic scale. In his talk Sam Morell will take you on a grand tour of dust and its effects on us as a species and as astronomers.

2015 - 2016 Season

Date Subject / Speaker
Friday 7th August Annual Starbecue
This ever popular event is open to everyone and will be held on the field behind Blundell’s Prep School. Please wrap up warm, bring telescopes, food, drink, chairs and a small table if you have one. Should it be wet it will, unfortunately, have to be restricted to members only due to a shortage of space and will be held indoors in Paul’s lovely barn at 12 Park Hill, EX16 6RW. Please bring just food and drink.
Friday 4th September To the Stars and Sun & Let's Talk Telescopes
Our youngest member Alex Richardson begins our programme with his short talk which will be followed by a talk from John Parratt who will explain the different types of telescopes and how they work.
Friday 11th September Workshop - How to Use Your Telescope
Do you own a telescope that you can’t get to grips with but want to use on those starry nights? Members will be on hand to show you how to get the most from your scope. Please contact Angela on 01884 243 186 to book yourself a place on this FREE workshop.
Friday 2nd October Meteorites and Us
A brief look at the history, nature and effects of rocks from space with Ron Westmaas.
Friday 16th October TAMDAS Annual Dinner & Astro Auction
Our first annual dinner will be held at the Beambridge Inn, Wellington TA21 0HB and is open to members and friends of the Society. After a sumptuous meal we will hold a light-hearted auction to raise funds for a CCD camera for use with our telescopes.
Friday 6th November The Astronomy of Climate Change
Brian Sheen will explain how Climate Change is a real and present danger which astronomers can understand and quantify. This talk will review our current knowledge and highlight ways in which we can get involved.
Friday 4th December Rosetta - 1 Year After Landing on the Comet
The renowned Dr Andrew Morse is part of the research team that built “Ptolemy” an instrument on board “Phileae” which, despite the challenging landing, managed to return information about the chemical composition of the comet.
Friday 8th January Spectroscopy, Fireworks, Flames and the Secrets in Starlight
This promises to be an enlightening talk from the brilliant Hugh Allen who will set us ablaze with sparkle and rainbows!
Friday 5th February Are We Alone? The Search for Life Beyond the Earth
What are the prospects of finding life, simple or intelligent, beyond our planet? What do we know already and how do we hope to discover more? Gresham College Professor of Astronomy Ian Morrison will give his own thoughts about how likely our quest will be achieved.
Friday 4th March The Scale of the Universe
In this talk Ian Walsh shows how to get a perspective and understanding of the large distances and units of measurement used in astronomy which many find difficult to comprehend.
Friday 1st April Visit to the Norman Lockyer Observatory
Founded by Sir Norman Lockyer in 1912 the observatory was a centre for astrophysical and geophysical research until the 1980’s. Today the observatory is managed by unpaid volunteers to support science education.
Friday 6th May About Time
After our usual very brief AGM, Society Member Bob Howard explores the idea that there may be more to time than we think.
Friday 3rd June A to Z of the Solar System
A very welcome return to Bob Mizon MBE who has headed up the Campaign for Dark Skies for many years. Sit back and enjoy this alphabetical tour of the Solar System which will reveal many amusing and quirky facts along the way.

2014 - 2015 Season

Date Subject / Speaker
Friday 8th August Annual Starbecue
If the evening is a dry one this event will be open to everyone and will be held on the field behind Blundellís School. Please wrap up warm, bring telescopes, food, drink, chairs and a small table if you have one. Should it be wet, it will be held indoors in Paulís barn at 12 Park Hill, EX16 6RW. Due to a shortage of space it will, unfortunately, have to be members only. Please bring food and drink.
Update: this event will indeed be hosted at Paul's, as the weather is forecast to be overcast and possibly raining.
Friday 5th September Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Professor David McMullan of Plymouth University has kindly rescheduled this meeting to help us understand this fascinating and mysterious subject.
Friday 3rd October Evolutionary Light and Colour
Most of what we know about our Universe comes from the study of light. Professor Peter Vukusic from Exeter University is a very engaging and passionate speaker on this subject.
Friday 7th November The Sky is Not the Limit
British company Starchaser is building rockets which are set to open the frontiers of space for everyone through Space Tourism. Starchaser founder Steve Bennett talks about the project from its humble beginnings to where the realization of his childhood dream will ultimately lead.
Friday 5th December The Big Bang Christmas Party
Come and enjoy some astronomical fun and games hosted by Angela and Jo. Please bring a small amount of drink and nibbles to share.
Friday 9th January Young Stars: the First 10 Million Years
Darryl Sergison of Exeter University will demonstrate the way in which stars are formed in nebulae and show how this determines what type of star they will grow up to be!
Friday 6th February Space Exploration
Chris Starr of Wells and Mendip Astronomers will take you on an exciting adventure through the Universe. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
Friday 6th March Images of the Universe
Paul Money will show 10 images and explain how they inspired him to become a very popular and renowned astronomer.
April Annual Society Outing - TBA
It is hoped that a trip to the Met Officeís new Space Weather Centre in Exeter can be arranged.
Friday 1st May Astrophotography
NB: the Societyís AGM will now be held in May each year.
Following this our own brilliant astrophotographers John Parratt and Pete Richardson will share some of their secrets as to how they achieve superb images of the night sky.
Friday 5th June John Herschel - The Forgotten Man of Science
Andy Burns is the former curator of the Herschel Museum and the world's leading expert on John and William Herschel.

UPDATE: Original guest speaker Nick Howes is no longer able to attend this month to give his talk on the Faulkes Telescopes, so this month's talk will now be given by Andy Burns on the subject of John Herschel (as above).

2013 - 2014 Season

Date Subject / Speaker
Friday 6th September Project Alcock
Roger Dymock of the BAA Comet Section explains the search for comet hunters in amateur societies. See for details.
Friday 4th October Getting your Head Round the Moon
An explanation by Tony Deyes of Torbay Astronomy Society.
Friday 8th November Medical Aspects of Spaceflight
Dr Clive Sainsbury, Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, and of the Royal College of Physicians, will discuss his long term interest in space medicine. (Attend before you apply for the trip to Mars!)
Friday 6th December Christmas Quiz and Social
Hosted by Carol Boote who promises no starry flags this year! Bring festive food and drink to share in the interval.
Friday 10th January Space Weather
Mark Gibbs, head of space weather at the Met Office, gives us an insight into the effects of the sunís activity.
Friday 7th February Dark Matter and Dark Energy - CANCELLED: Prof. David McMullan of Plymouth University can no longer make it to the meeting owing to the recent disruptive weather. Considering that further stormy weather has been forecast for Friday 7th February, the meeting has been cancelled.
Friday 7th March Black Holes
Dr Andy Young from the University of Bristol gives us a chance to extend our ideas (or body) as we enter the realms of these mysterious entities.
Friday 2nd May Binocular Astronomy
Stephen Tonkin, Fordingbridge Astronomers, and Sky at Night contributor, shows us what to look for, with observation afterwards if itís not cloudy.
See a PDF document of Stephen's talk (2.7 MB).
Friday 6th June AGM and Words from Space
Douglas Rice, our very own polymath, will entertain us.

2012 - 2013 Season

Date Subject / Speaker
Friday 7th September Ten targets for light polluted astronomers
We welcome back Bob Mizon, MBE, FRAS, Co-ordinator of the Campaign for Dark Skies. Tonight he suggests what we might see if our observing site is less than truly dark.
Friday 5th October Charles Messier and his Objects
Martin Griffiths, FRAS, University of Glamorgan, gives us a fascinating description of how and why faint, fuzzy deep-sky objects were catalogued by the great French observer.
Friday 9th November Pro-Am Liaison in Astronomy
Guy Hurst, Editor of The Astronomer, will tell us how much amateurs can contribute to current professional research.
Friday 7th December Christmas Quiz
A light-hearted quiz with Carol Vorderman Boote! Bring festive food and drink to share in the interval. There will be prizes!
Friday 11th January Time, Position, Technology
Dr Steve Bell, Head of HM Nautical Almanac Office in Taunton who calculate and provide data on when/where eclipses will occur.
Friday 1st February The Challenger Disaster
John Parrot guides us through the causes of the Challenger disaster and the ramifications for NASA's shuttle programme. (This talk was a late change to the schedule when our intended guest speaker fell ill.)
Friday 1st March Measuring the Universe
David Love of Torbay AS
Friday 3rd May The Web and our AGM
Members will contribute ideas of websites and applications that help you get the most from your interest in Astronomy.
Friday 7th June Live performance of Powers of Ten

This is a gala evening to end our year. We are delighted to have David Haines (composer) to narrate and lead the Teignmouth and Ivybridge Community Choir in a performance of his work, which is beautiful, inspiring and scientifically accurate. Bring and share supper. This is one you won't forget!

Please note that this event will NOT take place at our regular venue, but at TIVERTON HIGH SCHOOL instead. For further information click here.

2011 - 2012 Season

Date Subject / Speaker
Friday 9th September Neptune, One Orbit On
Brian Sheen, Director of the Roseland Observatory in Cornwall
Friday 7th October The Next 50 Years in Space
Jerry Stone (TBC), freelance presenter on astronomy and spaceflight - celebrating World Space Week
Friday 11th November Astrophotography
Damian Peach, renowned planetary photographer, will show some of his amazing images and photographic techniques.
Friday 2nd December A Pot Pourri of Short Topics
James Fradgley of Wessex Astronomical Society reveals his diverse expertise, which includes Arcturus, Lagrange Points and Night Vision for Astronomers; with audience discussion.
Friday 13th January Indoor Astronomy
We welcome back Lilian Hobbs, enthusiastic amateur astronomer and published author.
Friday 3rd February Is Anybody Out There?
Carol Boote of TAMDAS.
Friday 2nd March The Origin of the Universe
With David Love of Torbay Astronomical Society.
Friday 11th May The Cosmos - A Beginner's Guide
Adam Hart-Davis, freelance photographer, writer and broadcaster. (Please note revised date.)
Friday 15th June AGM and Members' Contributions
Society members will speak on areas of their own interest.

2010 - 2011 Season

Date Subject / Speaker
31st July - 1st August Astrocamp at Wimbleball Lake
Telescopes will be set up on Saturday evening under Exmoorís dark and hopefully clear sky, camping available overlooking the water.
Friday 10th September Launching and Controlling a Spacecraft
Learn from Duncan McLean, an expert on how rockets and their payloads are put into orbit and maintained there.
Friday 8th October Astronomical Sculpture
Artist Chris Williams shows how he translates astronomical data and concepts into fascinating abstract forms.
Friday 12th November Itís all Done with Mirrors
The History of the Science of Light explained by Steve Duncan, an officer of Torbay Astronomy Society, who works as a scientist in the space industry in Bristol.
Friday 3rd December High-redshift Galaxies
Royal Astronomical Society prize-winner Dr Elizabeth Stanway speaks about the most distant objects.
Friday 14th January Controversies over Dark Matter
We welcome back Professor Mike Disney from Cardiff University to explain the mysterious subject in which he specializes.
Friday 4th February From Gas to Planets (via Stars)
Dr Nathan Mayne of the University of Exeter will tell us about star formation.
Friday 4th March Astronavigation
Gavin McLaren, an experienced sailor and compiler of Admiralty Guides, reveals how itís done.
Friday 6th May Observing with Small Telescopes
Robert Law, Curator of the Mill Observatory in Dundee, gives helpful advice on using simple equipment.
Friday 3rd June AGM and Membersí Talks
Society members will speak on areas of their own interest.

2009 - 2010 season

Date Subject / Speaker
Wednesday 12th August The Perseids Meteor Shower
Look out for the meteors at the Sportsman's Inn, Sandyway, EX36 3LU (Tel. 01643 831109). There will be a talk inside if it's cloudy.
Friday 11th September Some Incredible Voyages to the Moon - Douglas Rice
Our chairman's talk has a topical theme to commemorate 40 years since the first Apollo landing.
Saturday 19th September Voyage to the Outer Planets
See Jupiter through a telescope or see a talk by North Devon AS if it's cloudy. 8:30pm at the Sportsmans Inn, Sandyway, EX36 3LU (Tel. 01643 831109).
Friday 2nd October The Commercialisation of Space - Paul Young
An introduction to the techniques now being developed which will lead us to new frontiers.
Wednesday 21st October The Orionids Meteor Shower
Look out for meteors from 8:30pm at the Blue Ball Inn, Countisbury, EX35 6NE (Tel. 01598 741263). There will be a talk inside if it's cloudy.
Saturday 24th October Autumn Moonwatch
With North Devon Astronomy Society, see the Moon and Jupiter from Pinkery Outdoor Education Centre, 8pm.
Friday 13th November The Pioneer and Flyby Anomalies: Physics from the Edge - Mike McCulloch
Some spacecraft trajectories seem to disagree with modern physics - what does this imply?
Saturday 21st November Heavens Above in Porlock
A family day at Porlock Village Hall, from 10am. See
Friday 4th December Towards Other Worlds - Suzanne Aigrain
Suzanne will explain her research at Exeter University, finding and characterising extra-solar planets.
Sunday 13th December The Geminids Meteor Shower
See meteors from 8:30pm at the Sportsman's Inn, Sandyway, EX36 3LU (Tel. 01643 831109).
Friday 15th January What it's Like to Stand on the Red Planet: Mars in 3-D - Matthew Bate
Put on coloured glasses and enjoy dramatic new pictures.
Friday 5th February Astrophotography - David Strange
See some amazing images taken by a local amateur astronomer.
Friday 5th March Dark Matter - Patrick Butterly
Pat will explore the theories of dark matter and energy and why most of the Universe is missing!

UPDATE, 02/03/2010: Unfortunately our speaker has had to cancel owing to illness. Instead we will enjoy an informal evening of home-made entertainment: please bring an object, picture, book or idea with some astronomical connection for people to look at and chat about. If you have a telescope, bring it too and letís hope for a clear sky.
March / April Visit to the Norman Lockyer Observatory
A trip to see the historic telescopes and new facilities at Sidmouth.
Friday 7th May Astronomers and the Founding of the Royal Society in 1660 - Dr Allan Chapman
A spellbinding account of some great astronomical pioneers.
Friday 11th June AGM and Member's Evening
Three talks from members about their astronomical interests.

2008 - 2009 season

Date Subject / Speaker
Friday 8th August Starbecue - 20:00 to 20:30.
Bring food, drink, deckchair and, if you have one, a telescope for a supper under the stars!
Friday 5th September Kielder Observatory - As Dark As It Gets (Gary Fildes)
An insight into how astronomy, in this unspoilt region of Northumberland, has hit the heights with the creation of a new observatory. This is a tale of how sheer determination paid off, resulting in this fantastic facility aimed at outreach and research. The stunning images have to be seen to be believed!
Friday 3rd October Intelligent Robots: Realities And Future Possibilities (Alan Winfield)
Robots are proving ever more useful in space exploration. Alan will discuss artificial intelligence and show the interactions of robots with their surroundings and with other robots in a group.
Friday 7th November Back To The Big Bang (Mike Edmunds)
Back by popular demand, Mike will be tracing backwards to show how far we can really go to understand the Big Bang.
Friday 5th December Meteorites: Life And Death (Vic Pearson)
Vic will discuss the delivery of material to Earth that may have been the building blocks of life itself and may have seeded other Solar System surfaces with molecules needed for pre-biotic chemistry.
Friday 9th January Advances In Long-Wavelength Astronomy (Derek Ward-Thompson)
Modern astronomy uses much more than just optical telescopes. Derek will show how infra-red and other long wavelengths have opened up many of the mysteries of the Universe.
Friday 6th February Astronomy with Adaptive Optics (Jenny Patience) - talk will now be given in March.
Adaptive Optics systems on telescopes measure the effects of the atmosphere and correct images, greatly improving resolution. Studies include: orbital motion of asteroids, stars at the galactic centre, storms and volcanic activity in the Solar System, and disks/companions of young stars.
Friday 6th March Astronomy with Adaptive Optics (Jenny Patience)
Adaptive Optics systems on telescopes measure the effects of the atmosphere and correct images, greatly improving resolution. Studies include: orbital motion of asteroids, stars at the galactic centre, storms and volcanic activity in the Solar System, and disks/companions of young stars.
April Visit to Mullard Space Centre
Tiverton & Mid-Devon AS members have been invited by Lucie Green to tour the Mullard Space Centre and gain a close up look at their work and latest missions. Costs will be approx £20 per person. There will only be 18 places available on the trip, so please let Angela know ASAP if you would like to book.
Friday 1st May Star Birth and Strange Skies (Dr Jennifer Hatchell)
Dr Hatchell's talk discusses sub-millimetre astronomy.
Friday 5th June AGM + Tales From A Travelling Astronomer (Arthur Davis)
After a brief AGM, Arthur will share with us some of the highlights of the many astronomical adventures he has had over the last 50 years. He will also show many of his fantastic images, developed himself.


2007 - 2008 season

Date Subject / Speaker
Friday 10th August Starbecue - 8:00 to 8:30pm.
Bring food, drink, deckchair and, if you have one, a telescope for a supper under the stars.
Friday 7th September Lunar Helium 3: Mining on the Moon (Dean Millar)
A fascinating insight into a potential new energy source for the 21st Century.
Friday 5th October Sputnik: Around the World in 90 Minutes (Andy Lound)
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik 1, Andy will tell the story of the world's first artificial satellite in this dramatic presentation.
Friday 9th November Faulkes Telescope presentation (local students)
Enjoy a short presentation of some amazing images taken by students of Blundell's School and Tiverton High School using the Faulkes Telescopes.
Hunting for the Higg's Boson (Vincent Smith)
Then learn why physicists and engineers have built the worldís highest energy particle collider at CERN near Geneva. Vince works on this project and will speculate on some of the things that may be discovered.
Friday 7th December Advances in Long-Wavelength Astronomy (Derek Ward-Thompson)
Modern astronomy uses much more than just optical telescopes. Derek will show how infrared and other long wavelengths have opened up many of the mysteries of the Universe.
Friday 11th January Observing the Lunar 100 (Lilian Hobbs)
Discover how to observe Charles Wood's 100 lunar objects using just a small telescope.
Friday 1st February Live Fast and Die Young (Tim Harries)
A look at the life of the most massive stars that produce 90% of the light in the Universe and die in spectacular supernovae explosions.
Friday 7th March The Sun in 3D (Lucie Green)
NASA, Japan and ESA have collaborated to produce the STEREO and Hinode missions. Using 3D videos Lucie will explain how she and her team will track eruptions from the sun's surface through space to Earth.
Friday 2nd May Thomas Harriot - The First Telescope Astronomer (Allan Chapman)
Thomas Harriot was an English astronomer and a contemporary of Shakespeare. He heard of the "Dutch Spy Glass" in 1608 and was the first person to observe sun spots and other astronomical phenomena - before Galileo.
Friday 6th June Angular Momentum - The Most Powerful Force in the Universe? (Ian Kimber) + AGM
After a brief AGM our member Ian will explain the important role that angular momentum plays in keeping the Universe the way it is.


2006 - 2007 season

Date Speaker Subject
Friday 11th August Shooting Starbecue - 8:00 to 8:30pm
Friday 8th September Lilian Hobbs had to cancel her talk on "Observing the Lunar 100",
so instead we heard Dr Mike Browne discuss "The Jet Project", Mr
Arthur Davis who talked about "Naked-Eye Astronomy", and our
chairman Douglas Rice, who mentioned a few recent astronomy
stories in the press.
Friday 6th October Dr Paul Roche Impact from Space
... and a Faulkes Telescope Project update
27th October, 7:00pm Public awareness and open evening
"Beyond The Blue Horizon", a tour of the Solar System
with Andrew Lound
Friday 3rd November Andrew Bunker Galaxies at High Redshift
Friday 1st December Dr Caroline Smith Imaging and Collecting Meteorites
Friday 12th January Dr Andrew Coates Venus Express
Friday 2nd February Mark Hurn The Story of Star Names
Friday 2nd March Dr Chris Baddiley The Universe in 4D
Friday 4th May Prof. Mike Edmunds The Antikythera Mechanism Decoded
Friday 9th June AGM
Carol Boote More Women in Astronomy


2005 - 2006 season

Date Speaker Subject
Friday 12th August Perseid Picnic - 20:00 to 20:30
Friday 9th September Nick Markell Astronomy on the Web
Meet at 7:30pm at Blundell's School
Friday 7th October Peter Grossi Einstein's Special Relativity
15th - 28th October 20th Anniversary Exhibition at Tiverton Museum
Friday 4th November Dr Caroline Smith Geology of the Solar System, Part 2
Friday 2nd December Nick Hart The Amateurs Are Catching Up
Friday 13th January Carol Boote Women In Astronomy
Peter Strong Seeing The Light
Saturday 4th February Visit to European Astrofest in Kensington
Friday 3rd March Mousa Al-Kordi Light in Islamic Art
Friday 5th May Prof Mike Disney Dark Galaxies
Friday 9th June AGM
Andrew Lound The Lord of the Rings


2004 - 2005 season

Date Speaker Subject
Friday 20th August Starbecue - 20:00 to 20:30
Friday 10th September Bob Mizon The A to Z of Astronomy
Friday 1st October Brian Thomas Arthur C. Clarke
Friday 5th November Dr Caroline Smith Geology of the Solar System
Friday 3rd December Rhodri Evans Astronomy from a Boeing 747 - Why and How...
Friday 9th January Visit to the University of Exeter Observatory. Meet at St. Aubyn's.
Friday 4th February Andrew Jones Meteorologists Observe the Skies, Too
Friday 4th March Dr Mike Edmunds Time Travel
April Trip cancelled - our apologies to those who were keen on the idea!
Friday 6th May Andy Lound Carl Sagan, Man of the Cosmos
Friday 10th June AGM
Ian Kimber Unravelling the Lives of Stars